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Terms and Conditions Overview.


DripDrab’s sole purpose is to match local tradespeople with customers in over 500 regions across the United Kingdom. As such, DripDrab does not carry out or provide the services listed on our site. Our sole activity is the matching of local businesses with customers in their area.

Consumer Rights

Customers reserve the right to cancel their subscription at any point. Subscriptions can be cancelled by emailing hello@wearedripdrab.com or by logging into the “My DripDrab” section of our website.

Customers reserve the right to request and receive a refund if DripDrab partners have failed to meet our expectations, or have failed to turn up and render the service that has been purchased.

Customers reserve the right to make formal complaints against DripDrab partners in the event that they fail to meet DripDrab’s standards and terms and conditions. Customers also reserve the right to have their complaint made anonymously. Customers can make complaints against partners through the “My DripDrab” section of the website or by emailing hello@wearedripdrab.com


After a partner secures a customer, that customer is the sole responsibility of the partner and DripDrab takes no responsibility from actions arising from the partner or the customer after the match has been made.

DripDrab takes no responsibility for the actions of the partners that use our site. Any damage to property arising from the conduct of DripDrab’s partners are the responsibility of our partners and not of DripDrab Ltd.

Any DripDrab partner that is found to be violating our terms and conditions will immediately be removed from the platform and legal action will be taken if the partner is found to have been engaging in criminal conduct.

DripDrab partners are responsible for purchasing, maintaining and replacing equipment that they use when serving clients.

DripDrab partners are responsible for ensuring that they have all the equipment required for a job before adding the job to the partner’s list of customers.

DripDrab partners are responsible for scheduling jobs in their calendar and marking them as being completed after service has been rendered. Failure to do this will result in DripDrab withholding payments.

Payment Agreements for Partners.

DripDrab takes no responsibility for cash payments that fail to meet the partner. DripDrab uses a secure postal service with guaranteed delivery however in the event that a cash payment doesn’t reach a partner, DripDrab cannot be held responsible. Partners have cash delivered to their address at their own risk.

DripDrab takes no responsibility for misplacing funds to the wrong bank account in the event that the partner enters incorrect bank account information. Partners are advised to check, and double check, that they have provided us with the correct bank account details.


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